The Importance of Shoulder Exercises For Men – 3 Effective Workout Routines

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Some men concentrate on toning their abs since it’s the ‘in thing’ to do, while others focus on simply doing lower body workouts in a bid to show off those leg muscles on the beach. However, one of the most neglected regions of the male body, which supports the back and the upper body is the shoulder line; this must be exercised regularly and in a correct way for fitness results to be enduring and beneficial, not to mention give a great full body sculpting look!

Properly designed shoulder exercises for men, explain professional trainers, are aimed at empowering those on the program to work out core muscle groups located in the shoulder region besides the back and the upper body. Regular everyday exercises do not usually have the scope of working out these muscle groups while the lower legs or even the arms may be given a workout even without realizing this is carried out, such as when climbing stairs or carrying your groceries back home. This is the main reason why men need to understand the importance of performing regular shoulder exercises.

There are 2 main kinds of shoulder exercises. The first includes those that offer strength training and muscle-building success. Take the help of basic exercise equipment such as dumbbell rows, doing overhead presses, or utilizing any other form of weights in the exercise session. Sometimes these shoulder exercises are referred to as resistance training, but these are the same as muscle building routines because they are based on the principle of using the weight’s resistance for boosting muscle mass. Depending on the body composition of a man, a gym instructor may begin him off on a program that requires him to repeat exercises without using any weight other than his natural body load, for the resistance training.

The second type of shoulder exercise involves stretching, targeting the muscles along the shoulder line to be worked out as opposed to helping in building muscle mass. For men who have recently gone through surgery and need to enhance their posture, these types of shoulder exercises are recommended along with basic ‘asanas’ of Yoga or Pilates, which are also based on the principle of stretching the upper body to aid in self-training, recovery and gentle toning.

If you follow the 3 super effective shoulder exercises given below, you are sure to enjoy the admiring glances that will come your way with a toned, straight back that improves your posture and makes your midsection look slimmer.

Exercise no. 1 – Use the shoulder press machine for best work out of your shoulder, upper back and biceps. Sit comfortably, modify the weight stack to suit your program, press overhead and follow through from once a week, building up to thrice a week for best results.

Exercise no. 2 – Try out the upright row; with your feet placed at shoulder-width from each other, hold the barbell from the middle of a barbell and keep palms facing in, slowly lifting it to the chin then lowering it, all the while ensuring you keep your back straight and knees relaxed.

Exercise no. 3 – Shrug it off! Literally, you can do shrugs regularly for improving your shoulders; just hold a dumbbell in your hands, keep the same start posture as above and keeping your arms at the sides with palms facing inwards, torso straight, just lift your shoulders as close to your ears as possible before lowering them slowly.

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