Workout Routines For Women To Tone

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Workout Routines For Women to Tone – See What You Are Missing in Your Workout

Now days, people don’t only need to look healthy, but also want to have toned body. There are varieties of exercises, workouts which can help you in achieving your goal. All you need is commitment, compassion, and your will power to achieve it. The workout routine for women to tone is less or same as that for other individuals, it’s just the stamina and part of body to be toned which make it different for every person.

The workout routine for women to tone is mainly aimed for women who are new to workouts or have very less experience in doing the exercises. To have a toned body or to tone any particular area of body, it’s always advised to do compound exercises rather than simple one. It means that like combining cardio with weight lifting and repeating the sets of any exercise.

One of the workout routine for women to tone their body is:-

Start with a warm up then 20-25 minutes cardio exercises then 20 minutes whole body toning exercises , cool down and finally the stretching- This is a whole body routine work up. The 20 minute whole body workout routine includes exercise for each part of the area. To do this start with the order mentioned below and work from the largest to smallest muscle to get the best results.

  • For Butts- Do Squat and Pulse Exercise

  • For Outer Thighs- Do Squat using Step

  • For Inner Thighs- Do Inner Thigh Press Out

  • For Legs (Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Calf)- Do Lunge, The Heel Curl, The Heel Raise

  • For Upper and Lower Back- Do Dumbbell Lift and Lower Back Lift

  • For Chest- Do the Push Up’s

  • For Shoulders- Do Side Raise and Internal and External Rotation

  • For Arms and Forearms- Use Dumbbells and do the Curls

  • For Stomach- Do Bicycle Maneuver and Chair exercises.

Don’t forget to do 10-15 repetitions for each exercise.

So now you know how the celebrities have the toned body and for women looking best in every form is the main criteria , so try this workout routines for women to tone your body and here you are- THE BEST.

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