Quick Muscle Building Workouts

Quick Muscle Building Workouts – Your Secret to Fast Muscle Building Techniques

In the rapid-paced world today, everyone aspires to achieve results rapidly in whatever they do. Whether it is about losing weight or gaining it, losing fat or building muscle, fast and quick results are often expected. But the fact remains, there is no shortcut to success and hard work is the key. Quick muscle building remains the most desired wish amongst the youth today and they are always in a lookout for such quick muscle building workouts.
quick muscle building workouts

Quick Muscle Building WorkoutsThere are some points to be remembered for effective and quick muscle building. For building muscle, low reps should be used. This gives more stress to your muscles and they tend to grow faster. The focus should be on compound lifts for effective muscle building. Compound lifts mean those exercises which require various individual muscles to complete the lift. Squats, bench press, overhead presses are few notable compound exercises. Contrary to common beliefs, free weights are better than machines to make your muscles work more. Going to gym should be treated like going to a war. 100% intensity is required to do a good workout. The frequency to train should be set right as it is the key to achieve the effectiveness of these quick muscle building workouts.

Today, patience is meant only for mutual funds, not muscles. We want our bodies to look good right away. So here, we shall discuss a few types of quick muscle building workouts.

Pumping the chest

This is one of the commonest muscle building workouts and does not require any iron, but just pushups. Do as many pushups in 1 minute as possible. Without a break, move into a modified pushup position and perform pushups as many as possible in 1 minute. Repeating such a superset at least twice makes a good workout.

Pumping the arm

Work the triceps and biceps equally hard and rest 4-5 minutes between these exercises.

Overextension Kickback

Holding a light dumbbell in the right hand and with left knee and hand placed on a bench, you need to bend forward at hips to make the torso parallel to the floor. Lift the dumbbell up and back. The palm needs to be rotated up slowly toward the ceiling as the weight clears the butt. After a short pause, return to the starting position. Three sets of eight repetitions with each arm should be done. It is a very effective way of quick muscle building.

Bench Dip

The hands should be placed behind on the edge of a bench and the feet on a second bench placed in front of you. Someone should place a few weight plates on your lap carefully so that they do not fall. The body should then be lowered until the upper arms are nearly parallel to the floor. After a short pause, return to the starting position. Gradually with fatigue setting in, get the weight plates removed one at a time, until you are unable to do any more with only your body weight. Then, taking a position as if sitting in an invisible chair, lower your body and complete as many repetitions as possible. Probably the hardest of all, but bench dip is the most important part in the list of quick muscle building workouts.

Modified Bicycle Kick

You need to lie on the floor with hands behind your head, right leg straight but off the floor. Bend the left leg to pull your knee to the chest. Lifting the shoulder blades off the floor, touch the right elbow to the left knee while taking a count of two. Pause, return to the starting position and repeat the move on the other side. A minimum of 15 repetitions should be done on each side followed by 30 conventional crunches to achieve results in muscle building.

Roll up

Lie straight on the floor with arms at your sides. With heels pushed into the ground, shoulders and back should slowly be lifted off the floor until the body is perpendicular to the floor. Come back to the starting position to a count of five and perform 10 repetitions.

A sincere approach and right intensity are absolutely vital to get benefits from these quick muscle building workouts.