Workout Routines For Women at Home to Lose Weight

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workout routines for women
Workout Routines for Women

Workout Routines for Women at Home to Lose Weight Quickly

Looking for good, effective workout routines for women at home to lose weight? Weight loss is a constant struggle for most of the people. People try out various ways to shed the extra pounds from their bodies. They try various diet plans and many exercise/ workout regimes, but all in vain. Most of the workout routines are outdated. Neither these plans help the women to lose weight, nor do they help them in getting the slim, feminine physique.There are plenty of workout routines for women at home to lose weight but all those lead to muscular and masculine bodies. But obviously, women prefer slender and thin bodies.

Women may train at a gym or at home depending on their schedules. While there are almost all equipment and facilities available at a good gym, but for the women who prefer exercising at home must buy some inexpensive equipment. A small (soccer-sized) ball, a bath towel, a desk chair, an area free of furniture, some good dance music and a tall glass of water are some of those things that would be required to train at home.

Workout Routines For Women at Home Exercises

It should be remembered that a four-minute warm-up is required before starting workout routines for women. Running in place or walking briskly around the house will help the heart-rate go up.

  • Ab twist: This is one of the most effective workout routines for womenat home to lose weight. While sitting on the floor and towel underneath you, and feet shoulder-width apart, hold the ball with both hands and arms extended in front of you. Slowly lie back, tucking in with tight abdominals at all times. Stopping at halfway to the floor and twisting to the left, you need to reach toward the floor with the ball. Slowly twist over to the right side while holding for a beat followed by normal breathing and concentrating on contracting abdominal muscles.
  • Back pull: This is highly effective among the top workout routines for women. With the towel rolled lengthwise, one end should be grasped in either hand. Then the towel needs to be raised over head with arms extended. Inhale, and then start bending the towel behind your head, exhaling slowly simultaneously. Remember not to tense the neck.
  • Push-up: Place the towel under the knees for support. Kneeling on the towel, find a position so that the torso is at a 45-degree incline. With hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart and fingers spread, lower yourself (until torso is two inches off the floor) while inhaling and abdominals tucked. Hold, and gradually press up to the starting position.
  • Dance-break: A four-minute dance break is required which will not only boost your confidence but also help you burn some calories. You might dance through one song or two. Drink some water.
  • Heel-walk: Sit in the rolling chair with shoulders back and abs tucked. The task here is to move forward by digging heels into the floor. This should be continued for 2 minutes. It is a hard exercise, so a glass of water is recommended after completing 2 minutes.
  • Bridge: Lie on the floor with knees bent, feet flat on the floor and hands at sides. After inhaling, the bottom and lower back should be raised off the floor while exhaling. After holding for one count, release gradually without letting the bottom touch the floor until all 12 repetitions are completed.
  • Hamstring curl: Lie flat on stomach with ball between ankles and head resting on crossed arms. Then the knees need to be lifted off the floor as high as possible, while still squeezing the ball and keeping the legs as straight as possible. Now slowly bend the knees until the feet point toward the ceiling. Exhale while curling up and inhale while releasing.
  • Arm Extension: With towel rolled up lengthwise, one end should be placed in the left hand. Left arm should then be straightened directly over the head. Now grasp the other end of the towel with the right hand reaching behind the back. Gently pull down the towel with right arm, bending left arm behind the head. Inhale while holding the towel steady. Exhale and bring the left arm to the starting position keeping tension on the towel with right arm. Then repeat on the other side.

A sincere workout, just thrice a week, will bring results in less than a month’s time. Of course, a healthy diet needs to be followed as well in addition to maintaining the workout routines for women at home to lose weight plan.