Exercise Routines For Women At Home

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Best Exercise Routines For Women At Home

Exercise routines for women have become an integral part of their lifestyles. With lesser time for oneself and sedentary lifestyles, exercise routines for women at home hold a high significance.

Those women who do not wish to spend a lot on the gym charges; they can easily follow exercise routines for weight loss at home. Exercise routines for women without equipment are also available for those who can’t afford the gym equipment. There are various exercise workout routines for women and it is just up to the women to choose the best fit for them.

Even the women have tight schedules now and they are constantly struggling to maintain a balance between the work and home. And yet some of them aspire to follow one or the other exercise routine at home. But they may still need to buy some inexpensive equipment to carry out these exercise routines at home. The equipment would include a bath towel, a small (soccer-sized) ball, a furniture-free area at home, a desk chair, some good dance music and a glass of water.

Exercise Routines For Women At HomeExercise routines for women at home provide the best chance to maintain their working regime along with their physical fitness. Before starting the actual workout, a four-minute warm-up is a must. Running in place or walking briskly around the house provides a sufficient warm-up before the exercise routine.

Few of the exercise routines for women are:-

  • Ab twist: While sitting on the floor and towel underneath you, and feet shoulder-width apart, hold the ball with both hands and arms extended in front of you. Lie back, tucking in with tight abdominals at all times. Stop at halfway to the floor and twist to the left and try to reach toward the floor with the ball. Slowly twist over to the right side while holding for a beat followed by normal breathing and concentrating on contracting abdominal muscles.

  • Push-up: Push-ups are an important part of the exercise routines for women at home. Place the towel under the knees for support and kneel on the towel in such a position that the torso is at a 45-degree incline. Position the hands slightly wider than shoulder-width and with fingers spread, lower yourself (until the torso remains two inches off the floor) while inhaling and abdominals tucked. Now gradually press up to the starting position.

  • Hamstring curl: You need to lie flat on stomach with ball placed between ankles. Let the head rest on crossed arms. Lift the knees off the floor as high as possible, keep the ball squeezed and the legs straight. Now the knees should be bent until the feet point toward the ceiling. Remember to exhale while curling up and inhale while releasing.

  • Arm Extension: Roll up the towel lengthwise, place one end in the left hand. Straighten the left arm directly over the head. Now grasp the other end of the towel with the right hand reaching behind the back. Let the towel be pulled down gently with the right arm, bending left arm behind the head. Keep inhaling while holding the towel steady. Exhale and bring the left arm to the starting position keeping tension on the towel with right arm. Then repeat on the other side.


The above exercise workout routines for women can be done even without any equipment’s, so it’s not necessary that you need something external to do exercise. All you need is motivation and you can follow above mentioned exercise routines for women at home to get fit and look smart.

For attaining the results, the workouts need to be followed very sincerely and the exercise routines for women at home are a blessing for the ones who are unable to manage time from their schedules.