Kettlebell Workout Routines For Men

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Kettlebell Workouts can help men build strength, muscle, and drop fat. Guys tend to get stronger faster then women do, and so they need to be constantly challenged with more weight and varied exercises.

With Kettlebells, you don’t need to continue to add weight – as adding weight is difficult with Kettlebells. However, there are so many unique movements that you do with Kettlebells, that you can continue to get stronger and add muscle.

Here’s an advanced strength and muscle workout using some unique Kettlebell movements:

3 rounds of:

  • Getup Situp, 5 reps each hand, 30 seconds rest
  • Floor Chest Press, 5 reps each hand, 30 seconds rest
  • Lawnmower Rows, 5 reps each hand, 30 seconds rest
  • Rolling Pistol Squats, 5 reps each hand, 30 seconds rest
  • Partner Assisted Eccentric Swings, 5 reps each hand, 30 seconds rest

Now, some of these movements are brutally hard. So you can substitute the movements for easier ones that you already know how to perform. I’ll go over a few that you may have not see before:

Getup Situp

The getup situp is similar to a Turkish Get up except that you do not stand all the way up. The idea is to start off in a lying down position with the Kettlebell extended out over your head, and then simply perform a situp while keeping the Kettlebell locked out over head.

Lawnmower Rows

Stand with your feet wider than shoulder width apart. Grab a Kettlebell with your right hand. Bend your body to the left side, placing your left forearm on your left thigh. Bend your knee slightly and keep your back straight.

Perform a row, starting the pull from near your left foot. This looks you’re starting a lawnmower engine.

Rolling Pistol Squats

If you can’t do pistols, then do these with two feet. Hold the Kettlebell in front of your body with two hands, each on the side of the handle. Perform squat. At the bottom position of the squat, roll back.

Then roll forwards back into squat position and stand up. (Make sure the Kettlebell doesn’t hit you in the head).

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