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Muscle Building Diet For Building Muscle Fast

What you eat is as important as you train yourself for any activity especially building muscles, stripping fat, and losing weight. Muscle building diets differs from the ordinary diet. Body builders work hard in the gym and strict muscle building diet with adequate nutrients is required to grow body muscles.

There are different muscle-building diet plans, so planning the correct one is very important if you want to increase your lean body mass without gaining too much unwanted fat. Generally people say it is important to have 3 proper nutritious meals per day. But 5-7 meals per day with right amount of nutrients at interval of 2-3 hours are more beneficial in muscle building. Some of the important muscle building diet rules are:-
Cycle your calories:-
This is one of the most important rules and works very well. You should consume more calories on the day you work out more and the vice versa. It will help you to stay leaner as you go for muscle building process. Eat your breakfast properly to get the calories from the first hours.
Get plenty of lean protein sources:-
Always make sure to get enough lean protein sources with each meal. This will help you in muscle density development. Proteins are the second source of energy after carbohydrates, so consuming them gives you enough energy to work out. Egg whites, Lean red meat, Chicken breast, Fish, and Seafood are excellent sources of protein.
Eat on healthy fats:-
Healthy fat is must for muscle diet plan. Healthy fat is extremely calorie dense at 9 calories/gram compared to 4 calories/gram proteins and carbohydrates. So it easily meets your calorie requirements. Fats slow the digestion and preventing the nutrients to get directly to the muscle tissues. So you should try to avoid fats before and after the work outs but do add healthy fat to your each meal.
Meal Timings:-
Make sure to have proper meal and nutrient timings. Try to focus on taking protein and carbohydrate rich diet before and after the work outs and then include proteins and healthy fats in your other meals. This will provide your body with the exact type of fuel sources, which means better results.
Be cautious on vegetables:-
It is always said that eat as many vegetables as you can. But for person who is looking for muscle building diet, you will have to be easy on consuming vegetables. As you will not be able to reach the total calorie intake for growth requirement as vegetables are rich in volumes but low in calories. You can blend vegetables in sauce and have its nutrient values. But take caution while consuming them, so they do not take the extra space in the stomach.
Eat calorie dense foods:-
It is advisable to take calorie dense food when you are thinking of muscle building diet rather than on vegetables. Adding foods like whole eggs, dried fruits, nuts, and nut butter which are calorie dense make your progress faster in muscle building. By taking even small quantities of calories dense food you reach your goal.
Always assess your progress:-
You should check your progress regularly. If you haven’t built the muscles even after doing proper work out as you had hoped, it means you are not consuming enough calories. So increase your calorie intake by 200-300 and then see the effect. If you assess your progress regularly, you can adjust your body accordingly and have the proper results.
Do not neglect all saturated fat:-
For muscle building, it is primarily important to take unsaturated fat, but having some saturated fat helps you to keep testosterone levels high. Testosterone is the key hormone involved in process of building muscles. So don’t neglect it completely- 15 % of fat can easily come from saturated fats while planning for muscle building diet.
Keep hydrated:-
Hydration is one of the important key factors in muscle building diet. It helps you to recover yourself from workout sessions and after that you have the energy to carry out your daily activities. It is advised to have at least 10-12 glasses of water; juice, milk for extra calories.

Though many people argue on the basic amount of fats, proteins are carbohydrates but generally following guide is helpful in muscle building diet plan:-
Fats: – 0.25 grams/pound of body weight.
Proteins: – 1-1.6 grams/pound of body weight.
Carbohydrates: – 2.5 grams/pound of body weight.

So above mentioned are some muscle building diet tips which, if taken care of, helps you in fast muscle building process.



Muscle Building Workout

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Muscle Building Workout – Important Tips To Build Muscle Quickly

One of the biggest mistake that some of the people make while muscle building workouts is by copying routines of the guys from muscle magazines.

Most of the guys shown in magazines with good muscles are not trained naturally but they have genetically gifted bodies. So following their routines will not make you build muscles fast.The average person needs entirely different approach for muscle building work out– one which builds muscle fast and prevents physical & mental exhaustion.

Few tips which help you in muscle building are:-

Muscle building work out plan: – Before joining any gym make out a proper plan; visualize the work out in your mind through the exercises and weights you are going to use. Moreover, be sure to load your iPod with good training songs which will boost you for work out.

Work out 3-4 days per week:- If you do some other physical exercise along with muscle building workouts, then 3 days work out is good enough; otherwise work out for 4 days a week.

Plan your workout: – Whichever option you choose, but always limit your main strength training portion workout to 45 minutes and 15 minutes for warm up.

Stick with muscle building work out plan: – Rather than changing work outs from week to week, for best results stick to muscle building work out for minimum of 12 weeks. Then gradually decrease your work out and move to other plan.

Start with warm up exercises: – Always start the work out with warm up exercises to lubricate the joints and activate the muscles. People make a biggest mistake of skimping warm ups- never do that. Do a good number of warm up sets along with repetitions.

Adjust as per your body: – If you are a beginner, you should use “straight weights” or “set-across” which means that you pick up the weight and repeat the sets that you are comfortable in doing like 3*10, 4*8 etc.For advance lifter usually “working up” is better which means that you do bunch of warm up sets and “work up sets”, until you are able to do 1-2 heavy sets or may be some back off sets.

Work on Compound Exercises: – Isolation exercises are fine once you have built base strength & muscle mass. But once you are starting to build muscle, exercises which hit several muscles at the same time are better for good results.

Full body workouts: – Try to work on complete body rather than on isolated parts to achieve the complete muscle building body. Even training of legs is essential. Squats work your whole body; it is the most important exercise.

Acquire Recovery: – Don’t overstrain yourself. If you are beginner, start slowly and then add more exercises to your muscle building workouts. Focus on intensity rather than on time in gym. For the growth of muscles rest is important, so have proper eight hours sleep. You can have nap after your workout if your lifestyle permits.

Nutritious high calories diet along with hydration is one of the key factors in muscle building.So, you have noticed that there are some basic points for muscle building work out, rest depends upon you which body part muscles you want the more and you can opt for it accordingly. There are many muscle building work outs like weights, lifts, squats….which can help to attain your goal.